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Importance of Plants

Plants are very important for all human beings, animals, and birds. Plants give oxygen. Plants give us food for example, fruits vegetables seeds and wood.

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Weather is something that changes every day. It tells us. What the outside is like. There are different types of weather, and each one can

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Eid-ul-Azha is an Islamic festival lasting three days, commemorating the sacrifice and obedience of Prophet Ibrahim(R.A) to Allah (s.w.t) celebrated on 10th Zul-Hajjah every year,

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Twinkling Star

Once I sit under sky at night. I see countless stars in the sky with a bright moon. They all are twinkling. I see one

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Story of “Why”

I make up in the morning calls, “Go brush your teeth. I say WHY?” After sometimes there is another call “morning azkar” I say angrily

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My Wonderful Family

My family is the most important thing in my life I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family. Firstly, tell you about my

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I Miss you Dad

I miss you so much! Why are you so far from me? I miss your presence in my heart! I dream to hold your hand,

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