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Eid-ul-Azha is an Islamic festival lasting three days, commemorating the sacrifice and obedience of Prophet Ibrahim(R.A) to Allah (s.w.t) celebrated on 10th Zul-Hajjah every year, centuries ago Prophet Ibrahim (R.A) had a dream that Allah accepted him to sacrifice his son for the sake of Allah (s.w.t) he went to slaughter his son but Allah (s.w.t) replaced him a ram. It was a test of loyalty and devotion of Hazrat him, which he passed in the eyes of Allah (s.w.t) Allah sacrifice too much that he made if compulsory to celebrate it every 10th of Zul-ul-Hajjah for Muslims by sacrificing anything or animal in the name of Allah in the joyous day of Eid. We get ready in the best way and go for Eid prater. Then we sacrifice the animal and divide its meat in three parts, one for ourselves, one for family and friends and one for those who are less-fortunate, then we visit our relatives and have fun, In the evening we go for rides, thus, we end our day one happy Eid-ul-Azha is a time of reflection, generosity. It teaches us that Allah and his will should be the priority of every Muslim. It teaches us to be generous compassionate and empathetic to the people around us. Hazrat Ibrahim’s trust and faith in Allah inspires us to be on a par with his sacrifice and obedience.

Author: Ammara Qadeer
Campus: Bhalwal