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Twinkling Star

Once I sit under sky at night. I see countless stars in the sky with a bright moon. They all are twinkling. I see one star is big and bright. The little stars are twinkling in the sky. There I close my eyes and I wish I could fly like an eagle so I could touch a star then I open my eyes and I see a shooting star I was so excited I loved to see shooting star in the sky and then I ask my mother why some stars are smaller or bigger.

My mother said due to distance they look like that. My mother asked “tell me who is the creator of stars I said Allah. Allah the creators of all things. (ہللا سبحان)

Then I sing a poem……. Twinkling, Twinkling

Twinkling star, Twinkling star all the night,

Twinkling stars never get lost in the night; Twinkling star is so bright. Twinkling, Twinkling, Twinkling star all the night.

Then I go to bed and think about the Twinkling star, and I sleep. The end story and poem.

Author: Dua Fatima Hussain
Campus: Bhalwal