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1. Debating Forum

We offer an exclusive platform for students who have the ability to express their thoughts and ideas effectively, providing them with a dedicated space for debating. Public speaking activities are organized that include the opportunities for participating in parliamentary debate topics.

• Public speaking:

We believe in recognizing and nurturing talent in every aspect of education. One of the ways we showcase the brilliance and eloquence of our students is through the selection of a representative for public speaking engagements.

• Parliamentary debate declaration:

This forum offers numerous benefits to our students across various aspects of their academic journey. It encourages students to engage in an in-depth research on complex topics, fostering a deeper understanding of multifaceted issues and enhancing their analytical abilities. Moreover, by participating in parliamentary debates, students learn to articulate their thoughts coherently, express their opinions confidently, and listen actively to counterarguments, thus refining their communication skills.

• Preparations of Daroos e Quran:

We have embarked upon a remarkable journey by introducing an unprecedented programme known as “Daroos e Quran.” This initiative aims to empower our students with the ability to impart Quranic teachings to a wide range of individuals. With a profound focus on knowledge dissemination, we have created a platform where our students can confidently deliver engaging and insightful ‘lecture’ (lessons) to a vast majority of people.

• Efficient Instructors:

To ensure that our students receive exceptional guidance in the art of debate, we have assembled a team of the finest instructors from all over the country. Our selection process rigorously identifies and recruits national-level debate champions, individuals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and mastery in the realm of debating.

2. Sports Academy

We have always placed significant importance on motivating our students to actively participate in sports. We firmly believe that engagement in sports not only enhances physical fitness but also cultivates teamwork, discipline, and a positive competitive spirit. As a result of this belief, we have successfully established an official sports academy at Mukabbir School Sahiwal. These thrilling new advancements will create additional avenues for our students to shine in their chosen sports. With specialized coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and access to a wide range of sports, our academy aims to nurture and cultivate the talents of our students while also preparing them to excel in district and regional level competitions.

3. Competitions

Mukabbir provides a platform through which students participate in different kinds of national/international competitions. Participating in such competitions can provide valuable opportunities for growth, learning, and recognition.

  • HRCA competitions
  • Rainbow Mega Events
  • Photography kangaroo