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Education Programmes

Early years programme

As early years form the foundation for students’ educational careers, we developed a course in Mukabbir that can be adapted to child psychology and address all of the obstacles that we can face in higher education.

Our course is based on early year I (pre-nursery). Early year ii (nursery) and early year iii (kindergarten).

We also developed a special Tarbiah course that starts in the early years so that children not only learn Duas and Ayahs but also absorb their value.

Primary Programme

Mukabbir believes that primary education forms the bedrock of development. At Mukabbir, in primary classes, children learn the fundamental skills that prepare them for future goals and active citizenship. Quality education empowers children and youth, protects their health and well-being, and breaks cycles of poverty.

In the primary education system, Mukabbir places students at the center of learning.

Junior High School

In contrast to primary school, in junior high and high school education, Mukabbir places academics at the center of learning along with other skills and activities.

In junior high school education, Mukabbir focused on developing a student’s cognitive, memory, and information processing skills in preparation for the rigors of high school. The goal is to adjust the academic workload and pace expected of them once they enter higher education.

Overseas Educational Program

Mukabbir School offers the exciting overseas educational program exclusively designed for the accomplished graduates of our schools. This transformative program offers students an unparalleled opportunity to expand their horizons, explore new cultures, and acquire a global perspective through immersive learning experiences. With carefully curated curriculum, top-notch faculty, and collaboration with prestigious international institutions, this program aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s interconnected world. We also offer:
Special Scholarships for our Students, Alumni, & Teachers
International Summer Camps & Tours
Career Counselling Sessions by Foreign Counsellors.
Teacher’s Training by Foreign Professional Trainers.

Hifz e Qura’an (شعبہ تحفیظ القرآن)

Memorization of the Holy Quran, to the extent necessary for prayer, is a responsibility for every mentally sound adult Muslim. Whereas, memorizing the entire Holy Quran is an honorable duty that brings abundant rewards. Recognizing the significance of this goal and the fulfillment of this duty, the Mukabbir Schools administration offers an exceptional platform for parents and members of society to achieve this. Moreover, we also strive to make the process of Quran memorization distinctive and exceptional in various ways.
We strongly believe that, in addition to the oral memorization of the Quran, it is crucial for students to develop a profound love for the Quran and incorporate its teachings into practical life. For this, Mukabbir schools have established a dedicated department solely focused on Quran memorization. Each year, a well-structured and organized plan is formulated for this department, which is diligently carried out by experienced staff. Furthermore, a separate team of teachers is assigned to provide formal education, along with moral and religious guidance. This enables a comprehensive teaching approach for the curriculum designed specifically for the Hizf department. As a result, students can continue their education journey after attaining the blessed achievement of Quran memorization with convenience.