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My favorite personality is my mother.

She is honest and kind hearted. She helps everyone. She greets me at the door with a warm smile. I love my mother. So much she has taught me so much about caring others. I have a favorite person in my life. Who is very close to me. That person is my mother.

My mother is my favorite person in this whole world because she has all the qualities that makes a person ideal.

She is wise and honest. She is helpful to everyone. She is a god-fearing person.

She is always there praying for me whenever I am going for my exams. She encouraged me to be best in all that I do.

She is not just a mother but a best friend too. I can talk to her for countless hours without getting bored. My friend also like her very much. I never heard her speaking ill. She is not just an ordinary woman.

We play games and I know she always lets me win. She is the humblest lady I wish to be like her. She is perfect example of an ideal human being.

Author: Mishkat Fatima
Campus: Bhalwal