Islam and Modernism: Can They Coexist?

Isam has been a religion for many years, and it has constantly changed to reflect the times. However, the question of whether Islam and modernism can coexist has becomes more and more heated in recent years. The emphasis on science, technology, and rationalism is a feature of the late 19th-century movement know as modernism. Many […]


ماں نام ہے پیار کامحبت کا اور قربانی دینے والی کاجو کہ مامتا سے بھر پور ہے۔ جو اپنی زندگی دوسروں کے لیے جیتی ہے۔ خود کو بھلادیتی ہے ۔ماں کے بارے میں کیا کہوں میرے پاس الفاظ کم پڑ جائیں گے ماں کے بارے میں بتاتے بتاتے ۔ ماں کی محبت بے لوث ہے۔ […]

محترمہ فاطمہ جناح

محترمہ فاطمہ جناح 31 جولائی 1893ء کو کراچی میں پیدا ہوئیں۔ وہ بانی پاکستان قائد اعظم رحمۃ اللہ علیہ کی چھوٹی بہن تھی۔۔ پیشے کے لحاظ سے وہ دانتوں کی ڈاکٹر تھیں۔ برصغیر کے ساتھیوں نے مسلمانوں کی فلاح و بہبود کے لیے مسلسل کام کیا۔ انھوں نے مسلم خواتین میں آزادی کا شعور پیدا […]

سیرت النبی (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم)

ہمارے پیارے نبی دنیا کی بہت عظیم ہستی ہیں۔ ہمارے نبی عرب کے قبیلے قریش سے تعلق رکھتے تھے۔ ہمارے نبی سے ہی ساری دنیا میں اسلام پھیلا۔ اس کائنات میں آپ کی حیثیت بے مثال ہے۔ جو غار حرا سے طلوع ہوئی اور ساری دنیا میں بھا گئی۔ نبی کی زندگی انسان کے لیے […]

Father of Nation: Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

We commemorate the paramount sacrifices made by our ancestors because of which we are able to identify ourselves in the International community as a nation and our flag of the crescent and star has become the symbol of pride and honour for us. The great leader and founder of Pakistan. His real name is Muhammad […]


Friendship is a price less bond that brings joy, support and a sense of belonging into our lives. It is a connection forged through trust, mutual understanding and shared experiences. True friends stand by our side during both triumphs and challenges offering unwavering support and encouragement. Ones with whom we can be our authentic sieves […]

My Favourite Food

I am very foodie. I love to eat and cook. The food gives us energy. Without food there is no life. There are so many dishes in the world. Some like Pakistani foods Biryani, Golgapa, Pizza and Pasta. Some like Western food like Pizza, Burger and Noodles etc. Pizza is my favourite food because Pizza […]

Famous Personality Elon Musk

Famous Personality Elon Musk leo of Tesla electric cars is the founder of PayPal. The planner of the city in Mars. Owner of Twitter and Space X company world’s richest man. Net worth-244.4 Billion USD. He is the most intelligent man in this world today. Who is he? Is he belong to a rich family? […]

My Favourite Personality

Everyone has a Favourite Personality in his/her life. Some admire people ordinarily as their favourite personalities others like to look up to people who they consider admirable and leaders in this discussed lots of favourite personalities from all over the world so you can understand and learn more about them and learn from their abilities […]