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Islam and Modernism: Can They Coexist?

Isam has been a religion for many years, and it has constantly changed to reflect the times. However, the question of whether Islam and modernism can coexist has becomes more and more heated in recent years. The emphasis on science, technology, and rationalism is a feature of the late 19th-century movement know as modernism.

Many Muslim think that modernism and Islam can get along and that there is no intrinsic opposition between them. They contend that Islam has always been a forward-thinking faith that has adjusted to changing conditions. For instance, when Islam was first established, it was as revolutionary movement that contested the present order. The prophet Muhammad urged his followers to educate themselves and make sense of their surroundings.

Many Muslims nevertheless, likewise hold the view that modernization and Islam cannot coexist. They contend that modernism is an atheistic philosophy that attempts to displace faith in God with science and reason. They contend that Islam is a full way of life that cannot be boiled down to a collection of doctrines and customs.

Despite these discrepancies in viewpoint, there are several instances of Muslims fusing Islam and modernism effectively. For instance, many Muslim nations have embraced contemporary technology and have excelled in industries like engineering, banking, and medical. Numerous Muslim academics have also discussed the compatibility of modernism with Islam in their writings and have advocated that Muslims should embrace modernity while adhering to their religious principles.

In summary, it is possible for Islam and modernism to coexist, but doing so calls both flexibility and a desire to discover points of agreement. While upholding the fundamental tenets of their faith, Muslims must be open to embracing new concepts and technology. They may contribute to the development of a more peaceful and wealthier society by doing this.

Author: Miss Gull Fatima
Campus: Bhalwal