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Famous Personality Elon Musk

Famous Personality Elon Musk leo of Tesla electric cars is the founder of PayPal. The planner of the city in Mars. Owner of Twitter and Space X company world’s richest man. Net worth-244.4 Billion USD. He is the most intelligent man in this world today. Who is he? Is he belong to a rich family? Or his father is a business tycoon? Or he is very educated?

Named Elon Musk, he belongs from a poor family. He is not interested in study. He always use computer. One day he made a game in computer he sells in $500, this is big thing in that time. On the $500 he bought a new computer and then he made a company. It published by the name of paypal and remembered his age is 13 years. He and his brother earned 830 crore RS from the paypal in 1998. His brother force him to take admission in standard university but after 2 years he left the university and he plan to business then he got the offer from ebay. Ebay wants to buy paypal he offered Elon Musk 1230 crorers then he
started a company named by space X. Space X aim is to make space travel easier and he succeed and he promise to world to make colony in mars and he invested in a company named Tesla.

They are four partners of Tesla. One of the partners is Elon Musk makes electric cars. It uses 0(zero) petrol or diesel. It has auto pilot mode and its low then the price of petrol 61%. Elon Musk is our role model.

He is invested in our environment. It is the proof of “Hard work is Key of the Success.”

Author: Roha Imran
Class: Five
Campus: Sahiwal

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