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Father of Nation: Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

We commemorate the paramount sacrifices made by our ancestors because of which we are able to identify ourselves in the International community as a nation and our flag of the crescent and star has become the symbol of pride and honour for us.

The great leader and founder of Pakistan. His real name is Muhammad Ali Jinnah but widely known as Quaid e Azam or Baba e Koum which means the “Father of Nation” Quaid e Azam was born on the 25th December, in Karachi in 1876.Quaid e Azam was a successful lawyer as well as a politician. Quaid e Azam fathers name was Jinnah Poonja and his mother’s name was Mithi Bai. He belonged to a rich merchant family. He received his early education from Madrasa ul Islam and a Christen missionary school. He was sent to England at the age of 16 for higher education and later got admission to Lincoln’s Inn Law School to study Law. He returned home after studying abroad and took over managing his family business.

A few years later, he opened his Law Firm and became a successful lawyer and by 1900, he was appointed as a magistrate for the region’s presidency. During this time, Jinnah noticed that Hindus and Muslims were united against England, but Hindu leaders had set their interests somewhere else. Soon after this Quaid e Azam left behind practicing law and went on to join political parties so he could take up leadership positions among organizations that planned to form Pakistan’s identity. He started his political career with Indian National Congress in 1906, then after a time span of 7 years, Jinnah joined the Muslim League.

Quaid e Azam was a man with great qualities and leadership. He fights for human rights of Muslims and dedicated his whole tirelessly worked for the Muslims struggling in India and presented their concerns in the 14 points which were rejected by Congress. He endured many hardships for the formation of Pakistan and the rights of the Muslims, but he did not give up. However, his efforts did not go unrewarded.

Quaid e Azam was a man of his word and one of the greatest spokesman. Mahatma Gandhi called Quaid e Azam “An Impossible Man” due to his determinacy over his principles. Jinnah always stood like a rock in front of his enemies and never backed down.

In 1933, Jinnah became the leader of the Muslim League. In 1940, the Pakistan resolution was drafted by the Muslim League at Minar e Pakistan. After the Pakistan resolution was passed ,Quaid e Azam worked tirelessly day and night and did not care about his health. His health started deteriorating but he never stopped working. It was due to Quaid e Azam’s tireless efforts that Pakistan came into being on the 1947,14th of August. Quaid e Azam passed away on the 11th of September in 1948.

He was a hero to everyone in our country because of what he did for our country and for the Muslims. He fought so much for Pakistan and he did so much for us that no one can never forget. He is a great freedom hero for us.

In all his speeches given in whatever little time he had, it paved way for all to see and to learn how Pakistan should develop its economic and foreign policies, how to protect rights of minorities, based on justice and fairness, a society set on the principles of Islam, where all will be able to take part to its success and progression.

It is still time for Pakistanis to wake up and to follow the spirit of its founder to bring back this country to its foot. All the challenges we face, all the resistance we face amongst ourselves and from outside can be removed if we could only understand Jinnah and his life and know the mechanics in creation of a country that became largest Muslim country in 20th century. But this was not to happen as we forgot our very own sacrifices, our very own people and our very own founder Jinnah.

Author: Noor ul Huda
Class: Six
Campus: Sahiwal