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What is O levels in Pakistan 【Real Worth】

Do you ever wonder what is O level is in Pakistan? O level is the high-value degree considered in Pakistan. It is not like regular degrees where you just have to remember the bookish words, but you have to add a lot of creativity to it. 

The O level in Pakistan is quite dominating among the private school students where students are more aware to secure their future. O level in Pakistan comes under the GCE examination.

For most students who want to study abroad to complete their higher education, then O levels are the best option.

There is a Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) offered by the British Council in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan offers a matriculation system as an alternative to this education. Many students don’t even know that what is O level is in Pakistan.

As a result of the massive cost and various other factors, this qualification in Pakistan is only available to the middle and upper classes.

Students might think that what is O level in Pakistan? It is an international degree and students can study abroad after doing this degree in Pakistan.

What is the Eligibility for O level in Pakistan?

There are 14 to 16-year-old students studying at the O level, which is designed specifically for students who are following international standards. There are no basic eligibility requirements for this program.

Your primary schooling must be completed up to the 8th grade, from which you can choose to pursue matriculation or O levels.

If you’re impressed by your cousins doing O levels, then it is the best time to know what is O levels is in Pakistan and its importance because the eligibility criteria are very easy to fulfil.


When the course of O level in Pakistan is complete and after studying different subjects, then O level exams take place. As per prescribed conditions and policies, there are several methods for assessing students, including written, practical, alternative to practical, and oral. 

There is a six-point scale system assigned to the student appearing in exams, where Grade A* is the highest and grade E is the lowest. 


According to the British Council’s rules in Pakistan and globally, a student can only appear for their respective 0 level exams once per calendar year. So it’s not wise to jump in without knowing that what is O level is in Pakistan.

Most courses are taught either in May/June or in October/November, there are several courses that are offered on a May/June-only basis. 

What is the future of the O level in Pakistan?

As soon as a student has accomplished the O Levels, he or she can pursue various opportunities for further academic training. In Pakistan, there are two basic paths. By taking Cambridge A-Levels as the second stage, students can follow the British and international pattern. 

There is also the option of choosing an inter-as per the field, interest, and courses the student has selected after O-Levels or following the collegiate structure via FSC, ICS, and ICOM according to that field, interest, and choose courses.

OAdvantages of O level in Pakistan 

Universities and colleges across the world accept the Cambridge curriculum. Besides learning, knowledge, this type of education stimulates the student’s creativity and curiosity.

A Cambridge qualification offers students the opportunity to develop an analytical, critical, and collaborative approach, and these skills might extend beyond the classroom.

Students who succeed in this course can be accepted to top international universities like Harvard and Cambridge. Besides these advantages, this educational program also offers:

Since math is quite demanding at the O level in Pakistan, the study is really beneficial over the long term for those fields.

New Perspective

The candidate can examine topics from a new perspective with the help of conceptual studies at the O level.

You will benefit from the Cambridge curriculum in the future if you plan to study at international universities.

This education system has a tremendous international value that must not be overlooked. Every year, Pakistan holds two sets of examinations.

The first one will take place in May-June, while the second will be conducted in October-November. This means that you can opt to take your exams based on consultation with the institution.

If the resources are provided, then the practicals involved for particular exams are of great value. The primary focus of this qualification is on reading and writing skills.

The above points are well explained in another light, which is that international universities offer more concessions for students pursuing O-level studies.

You can consider this qualification if you intend to study abroad, but if you plan to work locally, you can also consider the national qualification, such as a matric.

Benefits of O levels

Sometimes people have a thought in their mind that the syllabus of O level in Pakistan takes a long time to complete.

Students of O levels have many opportunities in Pakistan too after completing O levels. Institutes in Pakistan always give preference to O-level students.

Technically, if we see it, then the lengthy syllabus is not a problem because students have three years to prepare for it and the syllabus can be covered easily.

There’s a rote learning system that Cambridge discourages, which is usually what students who select O levels enjoy.

Many people believe that students would read more books and acquire more knowledge as a result of fulfilling the syllabus requirements set by Cambridge.

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Hopefully, all your questions have been answered in this article. Leave a comment if you have any further questions. If you plan on studying in Pakistan, then you should choose Matriculation otherwise you can go for O levels because when your O levels complete, you can also avail the opportunity to study abroad.

Consider these points which are explained in the above article and then do a wise decision accordingly.[/su_note]