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Types of Decision Making 【Parent and Child Relationship】

[su_highlight background=”#ffe5c2″]Decision making is the process of selecting something and making choices. It can be by identifying the scenario, gathering relevant information and taking the right decision and having the alternative resolution.[/su_highlight]

Types of Decision Making

There are numerous types of decision making. Making a decision after evaluating each step can help a person to make a right, thoughtful and deliberate decision.

Good decision-making always requires good facts and figures which can help a person to make it well and go on the right path and get maximum satisfaction. This type of decision making can help a person to go in a suitable direction.  It must be making a good choice over the other.

It gives good confidence and satisfaction to a person. Decision-making is one of the most important functions for every situation whether it is an organization, country, or in one house where parents can give liberty to their children to make the decisions for their lives.

Success and failure in any situation mainly depend on the decision that a person makes. And choosing suitable types of decision making can help the person to get maximum out of it and bring a change in a huge scale and maintain a peace of mind. 

[su_note note_color=”#ccff66″]Role of Parents in Decision Making

If we talk about making decisions in the parent-children relationship, it is a very crucial thing. Parents need to be under the will and interest of their children before making any decision for them. They should give enough celebrity to their kids to make choices, make good decisions for them, and revolve with time. It helps to give confidence and self-esteem to the children who can create a big change in society with ownership.

Parents should let their kids choose their favorite hobbies, games, and subjects in the school to get maximum out of with full heart. There are numerous types of decision making in which parents can help their children to guide and help them to walk on the right path.

They can always teach their kids about rights and wrongs, but they should let their kids make big decisions in their lives to maintain a peaceful relationship.  This action can give ultimate happiness and satisfaction to either side.

This liberty of planning can also build a good relationship with parents and other people in the surroundings and give self-satisfaction to the children which can give them a good, happy and healthy life which is very important for everyone[/su_note]

Characteristics of Decision-Making:

Following are some characteristics of decision making which can explain it a little more:


It’s a goal-oriented process that a person can take. The main purpose of deciding is to achieve some goals. The main idea of planning is to move towards some desired choice or achievement.

This process can be hard sometimes and can give a tough choice to make but success comes after taking risks. A person should always be goal oriented and optimistic for the results.

This is the way a person makes a good decision and brings a good change. 


Before making a huge change or decision there should always be a back plan and alternative of the situation to have damage control. A decision should always explain the points of action to make the plan workable.

Before making any big decision there should always be good research behind it to make it more authentic and stronger. In any organization, a manager should always keep searching for opportunities and make decisions on the basis and have the alternative solution.

Decision-making always requires when there are different choices, if there is no choice there is no point of decision.


It’s not completely an intellectual process, it has two logics called deductive and intuitive logics which contains unconscious and conscious aspects. Part of decision-making can be learned over time but part of it comes naturally by personal characteristics.

Not all the decision works on facts and figures, some decisions have great emotional attachment and instincts.

Dynamic process

It’s a dynamic process because it includes putting inputs effectively and walking toward an effective solution. It varies from situation to situation. In any organization, it is a very crucial part for any manager to make a good decision without being biased.

Hiring a new person for a job can also be a very difficult decision to make.

Human and social process

It’s a human and social process that involves judgment, intuition, and abilities. It becomes very important for a decision-maker to fulfill the expectations of people and make the decision workable for everyone.

It can take time to come to one solution.

Continue activity 

In any organization, it’s an ongoing and continuous duty/ activity of a manager to think about his employees and make good decisions which can be a big help to the organization as well as for employees.

He must decide things continually which means it’s not a one-shot deal.

With that said, you need to realize the power of thoughts

Types of decision making

Following are some types of decision making, these types of decision making will help to have a better understanding about decision making:  

Organizational and personal decisions

Deciding for anything can be on any scale it can be from choosing a good channel to watch a movie to making a spaceship. It is an ongoing process in day-to-day life.

In an organization, authorities should be very careful and mindful while deciding anything they are required to see all the aspects, facts and figures, alternatives, and risks before deciding.

Decision making process can give a tough time to a manager. 

Group and individual decisions

Decision making process can be in two ways, you can decide anything for yourself because you must handle the risk for yourself only but when it comes to deciding for a group or with a group it becomes a difficult process.

Bringing everyone on the same page and deciding something beneficial for everyone can be a hard thing to do. It requires a lot of effort and patience.

Programmed decision and non programmed decisions 

The repetitive decision and day to day activities are called programmed decisions which can be easy to make but the decisions/ situation happens once in a Blue Moon or unusual and unique problems/ actions called the nonprogrammed decision which requires extra efforts and planning to handle.