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Fun Prep Class Activities

Prep class activities play an integral role in the development of a child. A child’s capability to learn is very high. So, when such activities are organized in school, they help the child in many ways.

Such prep class activities help to discipline the child. Moreover, it builds confidence in the child and develops their self-esteem. Above all, such activities help the children to become aware of their talent and aim.

Thus, it is important to have such activities in every school. These activities are the foundation of a child’s future.

Role of Teachers in Prep Class Activities:

It is also important for a teacher to help the children in such activities. Teachers’ guidance is necessary for a child’s safety. That is why, the teachers must take their duty seriously, especially with children.

A child, at an early age, is easily influenced. They need someone to guide them. For such purposes, teachers put a great impact on children. That is why a teacher needs to realize their duty and work for the development of the children’s personality.

what can i teach in 5 minutes

A teacher should teach and guide the children according to their mindset. If we always tell them about what they cannot do, it eventually becomes a reality for them. This results in hesitation in decision-making in the future life.

Also, a strict attitude can make a child afraid of the teacher. And this can greatly affect a child’s personality. Such a personality may lower a child’s confidence.

A teacher should be friendly and compassionate towards the children. He should be a role model for the children. His aim should be to inspire the child and to become aware of themselves. And a teacher can do so through prep class activities.

Mukabbir Schools take pride in developing ways for teachers to communicate with parents.

Prep Class Activities for Children:

Below are some activities that are organized by the Mukabbir school These are fun for both teachers and children. These activities will help in the child’s development. Also, they won’t take much time. You can teach a skill in just 5 minutes.

Now you may be thinking, what can I teach in 5 minutes? Well a lot, you only need the right method. But all you need are 5 minutes. Following are some 5-minute classroom activities in the Mukabbir school system that are convenient for the teachers and the students alike

Buzz word game:

The buzzword game is very interesting and fun, especially for children. This game will help the children to stay focus and conscious about their surroundings. This game is also very easy to play.

You can include as many players as you want. To play this game, the start of by listing down some numbers, or any other specific group of words. Now choose one of the number or word and replace with a buzz.

5 minute classroom activities

To play, the players will one by one read the number of words in order. When the replaced word or number comes, the player has to replace it with the word buzz. If the player fails to do so, he will lose.

This game can be kept going till only one player remains, or you can stop it anytime you want. Either way, it will a fun activity.

Blind artist game:

This is another game that will help to widen a child’s imagination and thoughts. 2 players are required for this game. Firstly, two players are made to sit back to back.

One player is handed an image while the other is handed a pencil and a paper. This is an easy thing to teach a class in 5 minutes.

The task is for the first player to describe the image to the second player. And the second player will draw it down with the help of his/her imagination. This is a very fun game for children and also does not take much time and preparation.

teach a skill in 5 minutes

Pass the art:

This game requires coordinative thinking. In this game, 8-10people can take part, or even more if you have a big enough paper. To start, set a timer of 30 seconds and tell the first player to draw something on paper.

As the timer sets off, the player is to pass the drawing to the next player. Now he has to draw for the next 30 seconds. This game goes till the last player is done with the drawing. The drawing can either be a disaster or a masterpiece. In both cases, it will be fun.

The book tree:

This activity will help the children to develop a reading habit. For this purpose, you’ll need brown, and green color paper. If you want a tree of any other color, you can choose accordingly. The next step is to cut out a tree from the brown color paper and stick it on a wall or pin to aboard. class 5 prep

Now tell the children to read books. And when a child is finished reading a book, heshe will make a leaf with the book and author name and stick it to the wall. Do this activity till the whole of the tree is filled with leaves.

The motivation to fill the tree will help in developing a reading habit in the children. After a tree is filled, you can plant another tree and repeat the process. This is something that you can teach students in only 5 minutes.

Sticky words:

This game will help the child to learn new words and improve their vocabulary. For this game, arrange some sticky notes. Then write alphabets on it. You can also repeat the alphabet. Now make some for yourself too. Stick the alphabet to the board.

At a separate place, stick one of the alphabets. Now point out one of the students and ask him to stick another one besides yours. The aim of the children should be to make a word. Keep pointing the students until a word is made. This game also includes coordination and thinking.

In short, prep class activities are not only a source of enjoyment. It is also a means to learn. That is why such prep class activities are organized by the Mukabbir school for the sake of your child’s development.