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Sports Activities in Schools

Sports activities in school are an integral part of the development of the mental and physical health of children. The mental and physical state of a child should be developed from a small age. That is why it is important to organize sports games for primary schools.

Importance of Sports Activities in Schools

Sports activities in school also help to develop and improve self-esteem, discipline, confidence, and leadership skills in the child. Mukabbir Schools cares for the mental and physical strength of your child. Thus, the school has

organized many sports activities for children starting from a young age for their overall development.

Different sports activities in school

Wake up, shake up activities

As the children come to school early in the morning, the majority of them are quite tired and asleep. So, to wake up their mind and make them active, we have organized an assembly routine. During the assembly, many wake-up and shake-up activities are done to open up the mind of the child. When a child moves his body and does some work, this helps to make him feel more awake and active.

Activities for improving communication

Children need to help each other and develop friendships so that no child is left behind. That’s why the school has also organized some team-building activities for children. This will help the children to make friends and build trust among one another and they will also be able to understand each other better.

sports activities in schools

For an initial start, when the children are new and don’t know each other. This game is perfect for introductions and communication starts. It is known as the ‘move it names game’. In this game, a player stands in the middle of a circle made of other players. The players in the circle are made to learn the names of the player on the left and right sides of them in 30 seconds.

Then the player in the center points towards a player and says either ‘left’ to ‘right’, and he has to name the player on either side. When the center payer shouts ‘move it’, the players change places and thus learn new names. This is a simple game but it is a very good activity for breaking initial barriers among children.

We have also focused on prep class activities

Activities for improving teamwork

Tug of war is one of the classic sports activities in school. This game helps to build teamwork among the children 2 teams of an equal amount of players stand on the opposite sides of a rope. The teams then pull the ropes towards themselves with their combined force until the opposite team has passed a certain point. The team that passes a certain point loses.

sport games for primary school

Other famous sports such as football, cricket, catch, etc, also require coordination among children and hence improve their communication and teamwork skills.

Indoor sports activities

In case of bad weather or some other reason for which we cannot play outside. The Mukabbir schools have also organized indoor activities so that the children don’t get bored. These activities include dancing classes, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, table tennis, Hula-hoops, handball, and other activities. 

Our school makes sure that your child does not regret coming to the school. We shall do our best to work on his physical and mental development. And sports activities play a major role in this. 

sports activities in schools

Sports activities not only help the children to attain discipline, improve their self-esteem, develop teamwork and confidence. It also helps the child to be aware of his talent, his aim in life. These activities require every student to participate in them and thus helps them to gain confidence in themselves and their talent.