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What Role does the Power of Thoughts Play in Our Lives? 

Thoughts have great power. It improves your mental health. One can easily change one’s life by the power of thoughts. Thought can easily change and shape a person in a positive way. Power of thoughts is an opportunity that makes you learn new things and tackle things with different aspects. 

What are pros and cons of the power of thoughts? 

Pros of power of thoughts: 

Everything has a positive and negative side but here I have discussed a few pros of the power of thoughts that are very beneficial for every person. 

1. Thought of power makes you strong and independent. 

2. You need to accept the things you are unable to change. 

3. Don’t stress about anything and be strong enough emotionally. 

4. Meditation also helps in the power of thoughts. It refreshes your mind and makes you feel confident. 

5. Thought of power helps you in reducing age related memory loss. 

Cons of power of thoughts.

1. One of the biggest disadvantages of the power of thought is that if you start overthinking you will surely be in distress. 

2. It also lessens your decision making power. 

3. Power of thought is very beneficial but at times it has a negative impact on people as well. 

4. Because of it there is uncertainty and doubts. For instance, if there are doubts you won’t be able to think for the perfect solution and it will delay your success. 

5. You should control your negative and positive thoughts in order to fulfil your goals. 

6. Thinking about negativity and negative approaches will lead you nowhere in life and will keep you demotivated so you need to use the power of thought to overcome these problems in an effective way.

Brahma Kumari quotes 

Thoughts are like seeds. We get the outcome of whatever we think. It all depends upon the power of our thoughts. Brahma Kumari is one of the famous spiritual writers who quotes related to life, peace and power of thoughts. Few of his famous quotes are as follow:


“Only a powerful soul can offer love. Only a powerful soul can afford to be humble. If we are weak, then we become selfish. If we are empty, we take, but if we are filled, we automatically give to all. That is our nature” 


Here Brahma Kumari says that every person should be strong enough to deal with the realities of life. The power of thought plays a very important role as it controls all your negative and positive thoughts.

If you think you are weak you will surely face difficulties and hurdles in life but if you think positively then you are surely going to rule the world.


“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself” 


Here, Brahma Kumari says that you need to believe in yourself. Self love is very important. By the power of thought you need to set boundaries for yourself and for others as well to grow in life.

How powerful thoughts meditation helps a person to grow? 

Meditation uplifts your soul. It makes you think positively for the whole day. Having peace in your life is a blessing. By doing meditation you can have peace of mind which will help you alot in your life.

At times people get scared by staying alone but when they start meditation they connect with their thoughts. By power of thoughts and positive vibe meditation you can control your anxiety and also reduce and lessen your stress level. It also promotes your emotional health and makes you more positive in life.

Meditation also enhances self awareness. It encourages you to be yourself and be confident in your own skin. Power of thoughts increases your attention span. It keeps you focused on your goals and helps you in fulfilling them.

At Mukabbir Schools we ensure that our sports activities in schools help the students in understanding their power and control. 

What is the power of our thoughts? 

Power of our thoughts is one of the most important and beneficial powers one can have. It nourishes your mind and makes it more capable to deal with life. The power of thoughts and feelings are very much effective as both of them are interlinked.

Whatever you think negative or positive it shows an impact on your personality and grooming. As you all know, thought has power so it is mandatory for us to use it in a productive way. As mentioned above 

Bk thought of the day he explained very briefly how the power of thought can make a person from zero to hero. It is all the mind game that keeps you moving. Thought is responsible for everything that is happening in your mind.

Although it is a creative power and it affects your subconscious mind. When you focus on productive and positive things your mind will automatically think of powerful things. You need to make your approach in a great way and utilize your time in health activities.

Negative thoughts just destroy you emotionally and make you sensitive and weak. One should be strong enough to deal with the world so that power of thought is very mandatory.