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Overpopulation is growing at fast rate and the only way around this is to create awareness with people. The problem isn’t that we are running out of space but the standard of living is being affected the resources. We have on our plant are already so scarce and with this growth rate of population the only way to live a good life is by moving to a different planet.

Causes of overpopulation

  1. High birth rates
  2. Migration
  3. Overuse of depletion of resources.

Effects of overpopulation

  1. Overpopulation starts to happen when a place has too my people to handle.
  2. The world is overpopulated which causes lots of pollution.
  3. Overuse of resources and a lack of jobs.
  4. Overpopulation can cause undesirable living conditions.
  5. Overpopulation is concern of the public

How to control overpopulation?

  1. Improvement of family planning
  2. Raising awareness on the topic
  3. Education
  4. Birth regulation
  5. Extraterrestrial settlement

Author: Hareem Tahir
Class: Five
Campus: Sahiwal