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My Favourite Personality

In my life I have came to meet a lot of personalities but my Father is an ideal person in my life.

My father is a person with many goods qualities. He is very kind hearted and polite in his behavior. He is a good for his mother, ideal brother for his sister and honorable for whole family. He has a friendly bonding with us. We can discuss our problems and daily rotten with him.

He gives us ideal about any matter we discuss with him. He is business man and has a very tedious duty but even then he gives us time and share with our joys and worries. He is an honest man and very fair in his dealings. He always advices me to speak truth, be kind and obedient towards our elders. My father is always my hero. I Love my father. My father gives me much happiness.

Author: Afnan Fatima
Class: Six
Campus: Sahiwal