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Major Fields Of Study In High School

After secondary school, starts the higher secondary school or simply high school. This is also called the intermediate level and involves the 11th and 12th classes.

However, sometimes people also include the 9th and 10th class in this category. Thus, you have to decide from some of the major fields of study in high school.

This decision must be based on the child’s own passion and talent. Before reaching the intermediate level, a student must know his goal and should make a decision accordingly.

Major fields of study in secondary school:


In the 9th class, the science group may include subjects: English, Urdu, Islamiat, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. These subjects are also the same for the 10th class.


If you have decided to join the art group, then your subjects will include English, education, civics, general sciences, maths, Islamiat, language, and home economics.

While for the 10th grade, it may include Urdu instead of English and Pak.Studies instead of Islamiat.


In 9th and 10th grade, the subjects of computer science may include English, Urdu, Maths, Islamiat, Pak. studies, general science, and computer.

In the secondary levels, the two major curriculums in the field of study are computer and science. But in high schools, the choice is much diverse.

The choice you make in secondary school does not have much effect on your studies. You can still choose another file late in college.

In secondary school, you can experience these three main fields and reflect on what you want to do.

Parents and teachers may also play a profound role by observing the student’s talent and counseling him according to them.

The Mukabbir schools are also working to counsel the students according to their passion by carefully observing their talents.

Major fields of study in intermediate:

If you are someone looking to try different fields in the intermediate, we have listed down some of the major fields of study in high school that will help you determine your passion.


Pre-medical is one of the major fields of study in high school that is opted by many of the students in Pakistan. Many students who want to help people can enter this field.

There are six subjects in this field including English, Urdu, physics, chemistry, biology, and Islamiat/park. Studies.

Scope of medical:

Medical has a very high scope. You can choose from diverse careers like MBBS, BDS, DVM and so many more.

You can also become a professor by doing a doctorate in a particular field.


Pre-engineering is another field chosen by many students, mostly males in Pakistan.

This field usually deals with the construction, building, and maintenance of infrastructure.

Pre-engineering also includes 6 subjects namely English, Urdu, maths, islamiat/p.studies, physics, and chemistry.

Scope of pre-engineering:

The scope of engineering is increasing day by day with the increasing development in the areas of technology and agriculture etc.

A student can opt for many fields after pre-engineering like civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering etc, or become a professor by achieving a Ph.D. in any engineering field.

Choose whatever matches your interest but always know that every field has its perks. Also, the importance of education in Islam is evident and we can not ignore it.

ICS (Intermediate of computer sciences):

ICS is a combination of science and computer studies, two of the most developing fields in the world right now.

The ICS consists of 4 compulsory and 3 elective subjects which may include English, Urdu, islamiat/p.studies (compulsory subjects). The elective subjects may include physics-maths-Computer science, Physics-statistics-computer-science, and statistics-economics- computer science.

Scope of ICS:

As the world is progressing in technology day by day, there is a need for more computer science experts. ICS has a very wide scope in the whole world.

There are many fields that you can opt for after ICS, some of the major fields may include software engineering, telecommunication, BS physics, electronic engineering, IT, etc.

CA (Chartered Accountancy):

Chartered accountancy involves the management of money, both international and local along with counseling for the financial management.

A CA course in high school consists of a total of 8 subjects including accounting, business laws, ethics and communication, cost and management accounting, taxation, advanced accounting, auditing and assurance, financial or economic management, enterprise information systems, and strategic management.

Scope of CA:

CA is considered to be the highest-paid job in Pakistan. After completing your CA course, you can enter the following fields: business, Chartered accountant, financial advisor or consultant, capital marketing services, etc.


In humanities, we study human interaction through analytical and critical methods.

The compulsory subjects in this field may include  English, Urdu, Islamiat, Pak-studies while the elective subjects may include statistics, geography, English literature, maths, philosophy, civics, arts, education, economics, psychology, music, physical education, etc.

The elective subjects are divided into three groups. One subject from each group is chosen by the vote of at least 15 in favor of a particular subject.

Scope of humanities:

There are many creative and unique professions you can choose after studying humanities like, archeologists, authors, anthropologists, career counselors, etc and so many more options are available.

I.Com (intermediate of commerce): involves the study of different aspects of business and management. There are 3 compulsory and 4 elective subjects included in I.Com.

The compulsory subjects may include English, Urdu, Islamiat/Pak. Studies while there is a wide range of elective subjects like principles of accounting, principles of economics, principles of commerce, and business mathematics for 1st year.

For the 2nd year, the elective subjects may include principles of accounting, commercial geography, banking, and business statistics.

Scope of

Demand for financial experts is very high nowadays. Thus, is a very profitable field.

There are also many options in this field that you can choose from like accountant, financial analyst, business consultants, trader, auditor, business management, etc and the list goes on.

Importance of choosing the right career:

You should not choose a career just for the sake of earning money, it should also be your passion.

If you don’t have a passion for work and are only doing it for money, you won’t be able to focus on the work. You will not give it your 100%, and eventually, it will lead to depression and stress.

However, if you choose your passion and work in that field, then even if you don’t earn much, you will be happy because you will be doing what you love.

One wrong choice can ruin your whole life. That is why the intermediate level is considered a very decisive one.


But you don’t need to worry, because the mission of the Mukabbir schools is to raise leaders who are experts in their field.

Students must also work hard in whatever field they choose. They must have a motive to serve. They must remember that there is no easy way out or a shortcut to success.

Hard work is the key to success. No matter how small the profession, it will require dedication and hard work to make it big. That is why we must keep working hard and never lose hope.