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Three-Way Approach

Three-Way Approach

At MUKABBIR School, we believe that parents and guardians are key stakeholders in their children’s learning and thus organise regular Parent-Teacher Meetings. Discussions between parents and teachers are especially encouraged and help keep parents updated on their child’s progress.

Three-Way Conference

Scheduled conferences are held throughout the year to inform parents of their child’s progress. These include parent-teacher conferences and student-led conferences. Parents are expected to attend all conferences. Opportunities will be given at the end of each conference, for parents to tour the school and its facilities.
During the student-led conference, learners will share their portfolio. The portfolio contains work selected by the student and teacher as evidence of the student’s growth over a particular period. It is a celebration of the learner’s success and contains a combination of drafts, reflections and finished products from each unit of inquiry. At the end of the academic year the students will take their portfolios home.
Written reports, which show students’ progress across all major subject areas, are emailed to parents at the end of each semester. Printed copies are available upon request.
  • Parenting Session:

    It is a unique session arranged for the parents to attain guidance about parenting. It also addresses if a child is experiencing difficulties, such as sadness, anxiety, behavioural issues, or difficulties with family and peer relationships.

  • Mystery Reader:

    Mukabbir School tends to involve student’s families in their kids’ progression, as our curriculum is based on a three-way approach. For the purpose of having fun reading day by surprising our kids with their family members.